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My first novel, Whiter than White is available March this year (2017)…

Whiter than White by J.J Baloch is an intriguing tale of agony, bondage,  betrayal, loneliness, love, and hope.

J.J. Baloch, in his this novel, makes an insightful and meaningful effort to raise the awareness of the rights of women in Pakistan by pointing out faults in the system.

A lead character of the novel, Hoor is an ordinary woman caught up in the throes of the extraordinary circumstances of life.

Whiter than White is unique in its approach to the telling of Hoor’s story. While detailing Hoor’s personal journey, J.J. Baloch comprehensively addresses different gender issues in sub-continental set-up, specifically Pakistan. Drawing on the mistreatment of women and women’ s rights, this novel sheds light on a society that considers women a symbol of misfortune, disgrace, and dishonour where they are married without their consent, arrested, prosecuted, imprisoned and sentenced without being involved in any violation of the law, and where they are molested and discriminated against on the basis of their gender.

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Published: 28/03/2017
ISBN: 9781788036641
Format: Paperback

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