What is Whiter than White?

Whiter than White: the Daughter of the Land of Pure is a novel written by a very seasoned cop as well as an accomplished writer, Mr. J.J. BAloch. Whiter than White is a story of an ordinary woman named Hoor meaning beautiful, who is caught up in the throes of extraordinary circumstances of life, facing multiple challenges to her identity and survival as a civilized and dignified being. She fosters faith in her own self and cultivates confidence in her own destiny. Being hard hit by the system, she took birth, grew up, and lived in; Hoor protects her womanhood with the tenacity of a wounded mother lion. In this Novel “circumstances of the system for the women” have been focussed wherein Hoor a lead character, undergoes one after the other victimizations. How an unlettered, a feeble and a beautiful victim of justice, Hoor heroically braved the hostile system and how she rose to the precipice of greatness and fame is something the story of Whiter than White unfolds in a quirky way.

This novel is indeed a first of its kind in terms of comprehensively identifying different issues of women in sub-continental set-up, specifically Pakistan where women are wedded before they are born; when born they are considered as the symbol of misfortune; where they take pride being boy-bearing machines, where they kill their own daughters, mothers, sisters and friends on the behest of men who is the final and sole arbitrator of morality; where they are arrested, prosecuted, enchained, imprisoned and sentenced without their being involved in any kind of violation of law or morality; where they are served as indemnities for the wrong doings of men; where they are presented as sexual tools for the pleasure of the man; where they are used for pseudo honours; where they have no freedom of any kind at all; and where they are discriminated on the basis of gender by their dearest and nearest ones, family, community, society, state, culture and also dogmas.

Published: 28/03/2017
ISBN: 9781788036641
Format: Paperback

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